Xi Jinping Meets With Russian Prime Minister Mishustin

On the morning of March 21 local time, President Xi Jinping met with Russian Prime Minister Mishustin at the Government House of the Russian Federation.


Xi Jinping pointed out that China and Russia are each other’s largest neighbors and comprehensive strategic partners of coordination. Maintaining the healthy and stable development of China-Russia relations is in line with the historical logic of bilateral relations and the fundamental interests of the two peoples.China is willing to work with Russia to promote the realization of new goals of bilateral cooperation and achieve more new results through institutionalized communication channels such as regular meetings between the prime ministers of the two governments.


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306-9377 Injection Information


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Type 320D C4.4 Series injector
Part Number 306-9377
 Applicable For diesel injectors:


306-9377 Injector Size 20cm*10 cm *10 cm
306-9377 Injector Net Weight 0.5kg

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